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Car Hire Heathrow Airport

LHR Car Hire Heathrow Airport | Easirent Heathrow Car Pick up

Easirent Heathrow Airport [LHR]
Sheraton Skyline Hotel
Bath Road

Tel: +44 (0)20 3130 0447
E-mail: bookings@easirent.com

Opening Hours:
We’re open 7 days a week
05:00 – 00:30

Collecting Your Hire Car from Easirent

The transfer from the airport to Easirent in the Sheraton Skyline Hotel is by the Hotel Hoppa Bus,
operated by National Express.

• Terminal 1: Bus number H3, Bus stop 3 outside arrivals
• Terminal 2: Bus number H3, Bus Stop 9 and 10 on the arrivals forecourt
• Terminal 3: Bus number H3, Bus stops 17 and 18 outside arrivals
• Terminal 4: Bus number H53, Bus stop 12 outside arrivals
• Terminal 5: Bus number H53, Bus stops 22 and 23 outside arrivals

It is essential that the bus driver is presented with the car rental voucher displaying the Easirent logo and the rental start date and time.

Please do not pay the driver, as refunds cannot be made after the event. This service is free of
charge to Easirent customers from the Airport to Easirent at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel.

Easirent Heathrow Airport Map

LHR Car Hire Heathrow Airport | Easirent Heathrow Car Pick up

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About Heathrow Airport

  • Heathrow Airport serves over 67 million passengers per year
  • Some 90 different airlines use Heathrow Airport
  • By the time Heathrow Airport celebrated its 60th year in 2006, the airport had handled around 1.4 billion passengers on over 14 million flights
  • In March 2008, an exciting new chapter for Heathrow Airport began: Heathrow Terminal 5
  • Heathrow Airport was originally known as “London Airport” but in 1966 the airport was renamed
  • In 1977 a link to the London Underground was opened
  • In 1998 the Heathrow Airport Express rail service was launched

Easirent Car Hire Heathrow Branch

Easirent is committed in providing the highest levels of customer service. We’ve been providing car hire at Heathrow Airport for a number of years and have established ourselves as being a premier supplier to our expanding, global customer base.

Help With Your Onward Journey

Heathrow Airport is the busiest Airport in the UK and therefore benefits from excellent motorway links such as the M25, M3 and M4. An obvious starting point for millions of visitors per year, Heathrow hirer’s regularly take our cars all over the country. We offer an optional Sat Nav/ GPS system for a daily fee to help make your journeys around the UK more convenient for you.

One Way Car Hire From Heathrow Airport

Many of our hirers wish to drop off their hire car to one of our other branches. We have a growing branch network that enables our customers to return their hire car to another Airport location if this is more convenient. A popular one way car hire option from Heathrow Airport is to Gatwick Airport. One way car hire is often cheaper than other means of travel such as a taxi service.