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£2.5 Billion Transformation of Heathrow Airport Terminal Two almost complete

Car Hire Heathrow Airport are looking forward to the new terminal opening in under a couple of months with all the new and stylish facilities on offer.

The new Terminal Two is set to open in less than two months, when it will give the capital a spacious new air transit point, handling an estimated twenty million passengers a year.

It has been hailed as a key element of HeathrowAirport’s revitalisation ahead of the June 4th opening. Now allowing much natural light and high quality acoustics, compared to the previous dark and cramped feel, it is now a pleasant place according to lead architect Luis Vidal. He said, “If you make it intuitive, pleasant, joyful, you can take away a completely different memory of the terminal. You can never completely erase your memory of the former Terminal 2, because it was a dreadful experience. This will be completely the opposite. This will be a destination. People will want to come here.”

The new Terminal two will be renamed ‘The Queen’s Terminal’ and will have the joy of Queen Elizabeth opening it, just like she did for the original Terminal Two in 1955. The project cost £2.5 billion and will keep London’s biggest airport competitive with other major European hubs including Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris.

The new terminal will only be housing one flight on its opening day, to ease it in to full use over six months. This is to avert the problems when Terminal Five opened and the baggage machines broke down causing chaos for passengers that day.