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5 Things to Speed Up Collection


Avoid long rental queues and get on your way faster by following our five easy steps before you arrive!

Upload Your Own Documents!

In order for our rental agents to release a vehicle to you, all your mandatory documents need to be scanned into our system for insurance purposes. Did you know, you can actually upload these yourself so they are already waiting and ready in the booking when you arrive? Simply log in at and select ‘Online Check-in’ from the left-hand menu. You can save yourself 10 minutes by doing this and won’t have to bring it all with you on holiday!


Know Your Route!

Each branch has a different shuttle service and it’ll help if you know where you’re going once you land. You don’t want to miss our dedicated Easirent shuttle bus because you’re wandering around the car rental village(!) Check your booking voucher or visit the location page on our website for specific instructions on how to get to our Easirent branch from the airport.

Familiarise yourself with your vehicle!

As with all rental companies, the car you book is for that model or similar, which means you could be given something different to the picture on your voucher. We list all our vehicles and the category they’re in so you can familiarise yourself with each model and request a particular type (availability allowing). This will also help you choose which fuel policy is the best value, full-to-full or pre-purchase. With larger cars, you’ll save money by choosing our full-to-full policy, whereas a smaller vehicle will likely need refilling more than once and therefore works out cheaper to buy the full tank at the counter.

Contact Your Bank!

If you are leaving the standard security deposit on your credit card, it’s best practice to tell your card provider or bank beforehand so they are expecting it. Some card providers will block a payment if it’s a) a large sum of money, b) a company you’ve never used before and c) a different country than your own. Remember, if you’re uncomfortable leaving a large excess deposit then you can always reduce this to a smaller holding amount. Just visit for more information.

Read up on our Rental Terms!

We’ve made our Rental Terms pretty simple to understand but unfortunately not all our customers take the time to read them. We’re happy to answer any questions and explain any terms you are unfamiliar with at the counter but please bear in mind this does take time and will hold the rest of the queue up. It’s better to use the time before you arrive to contact a member of the Reservations team who will be more than happy to take the time to go over everything with you until you are comfortable with the rules and requirements to rent with us!

If you are still unsure or have any questions please contact our Live Chat team or Reservations team on 08000 75 80 75

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