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A Gatwick Airport campaign group in favour of airport expansion is set up

Car Hire Gatwick Airport is not surprised to find out that a group has been created in support of the potential expansion plans.

A campaign group has been set up in support of the Gatwick Airport expansion plans, meaning there is a rival to the anti-Gatwick group. It has been launched on-line and is encouraging people to share their views at public exhibitions which are currently taking place.

Gatwick Airport worker Carl Brooks is part of the new campaign and believes the future of Crawley needs the runway. Mr Brooks, said “Like it or not there will be another runway somewhere in this country. I grew up with the airport in Crawley, for me its part of life and Gatwick has provided a very big slice of income for the area. Living in Langley Green I would be a neighbour to the second runway and I accept that. Gatwick is important to our town and everyone will get used to it. Anything that promises employment in the years ahead must be grabbed and supported.”

Many of the claims against the new runway are said to be wide of the mark, with extra houses needing to be built and the runway being larger than Heathrow’s.

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of the Gatwick Diamond Business Group said, “I think the quiet majority of people in Crawley fully understand and support the economic arguments that underpin the development of a second runway at Gatwick. Everyone may want to live on an idyllic tropical island but in reality most people understand we work and live in a business area. From looking at the Facebook comments on the anti-group pages I am seeing a groundswell in favour of a second runway.”