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Aberdeen Airport plans to slash air passenger duty

Aberdeen International Airport have announced that they have plans to slash the air passenger duty tax (APD) in a move which will benefit the north east of the country. The reduction in APD, which was announced earlier this month is a contentious election issue in Scotland at the moment.

The decision over whether to reduce or abolish the airport tax is due to be devolved to Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Labour Party have labelled the reduction of APD as ‘regressive’ and claiming that it would only be beneficial to wealthy travellers using Aberdeen International Airport, they have also stated that the repercussions would be harmful to the environment. While the Scottish National Party have pledged to slash the tax by at least 50% with a view to abolishing it completely.

Carol Benzie, managing director of Aberdeen International Airport said:

“In a time where Aberdeen, as a region, and as a consequence the airport, are seeing a decline in business travellers and therefore business tourism, it becomes even more critical for us to be in a position to offer a cost-effective option to access this part of the country.

“From an Aberdeen perspective, in order to make air travel into and out of the city as cost-effective as possible and to continue to persuade business and leisure travellers to come here, I view APD as a strong lever.

“I genuinely believe that a reduction in APD could see significant benefit to Aberdeen in our desire to not only attract new routes, but also to retain existing ones.”


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