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Aircraft disturbing residents not from Gatwick Airport

It must be hard for airports to please everybody that lives near an airport according to the Gatwick Airport Easirent Car Hire branch after recent news about flight paths. 

Aircraft flying over residents in Reigate may well be coming from another airport not Gatwick Airport according to chief executive Stuart Wingate, who has assured local residents it is not flight path changes from his airport. Residents had been complaining of aeroplane noise waking them at around 5am.

Gatwick Airport is currently trialling a new flight path which allows aircraft to take off in a straight line, but their flight path is going to the south west of the airport, over Warnham in Sussex.

Mr Wingate said, “They are probably from Heathrow. We, at Gatwick, haven’t got a flight path over the countryside at Reigate.”

The trial is for six months, began in February with planes heading south away from the airport. It is being used to trial new tracking technology, which should make it easier for planes to fly directly along tighter, designated paths. Mr Wingate added, “The policy in the country is that airports are encouraged to take narrower flight paths over fewer people.”


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