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Airline remains committed to Liverpool Airport

Laura working at Car Hire Liverpool Airport is relieved that one of the main budget airlines is keeping its commitment to growth at the airport. 

Budget airline Ryanair has insisted it remains committed to growth at Liverpool Airport, after media reports suggesting the airline will take priority at Manchester instead in the next five years.

Ryanair says it expects passenger numbers at Liverpool Airport to fall by 50,000 to 1.5m next year. In contrast, passenger numbers at Manchester will rise by 300,000 to reach 2.7m during 2015. The higher levels of business at Manchester will result in the creation of 400 new jobs. In addition, a senior Ryanair executive has been quoted in the media as saying that while some of the airline’s 180 new planes recently ordered from Boeing will be based at Manchester; there were no plans to base any of them at Liverpool yet.

A spokesman for Ryanair said “We are still committed to Liverpool Airport and will operate 32 routes there next summer, delivering 1.5m customers. Growing new routes is dependent on three factors: demand, viable airport deal and aircraft availability. We know the demand is there and we have a good relationship with Liverpool Airport. At present, we are awaiting delivery of 180 new aircraft over the next five years, which will enable us to grow by another 30m customers across Europe and this will give us a greater scope of choice for route development and linking more city airports.”