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An Edinburgh favourite to the art scene returns with new exhibition

It is well worth trying to create some free time to take in the latest exhibition according to the staff at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport.

A familiar name to the Edinburgh art scene, Royal Scottish Academician Alfons Bytautas has returned to the city with a new exhibition which opened to the public on 10th May, showing collages, paintings and work on paper produced in the last two years. It is at the Sutton Gallery on Dundas Street in Edinburgh, featuring over forty pieces.

The exhibition focuses on a jazz theme with many of them having titles with jazz or literary references. Bytautas has a vast career as a master printmaker and a visual artist and was the head technician at Edinburgh Printmakers from 1979 to 2009, but now lives south of the border in Newcastle.

Alfons Bytautas said, “I have been surprised as to how these imaginary geometrical or natural forms seem to mutate. The images are constructions or arrangements in which certain motifs emerge continuously through the process of re-ordering. By adopting a playful approach, images seem to emerge that are suggestive of cell structures, geological cross-sections or archaic symbols.”

He has exhibited many times over the last thirty years and has been elected an Associate Member of the Royal Scottish Academy since 1994 and led important research on printmaking techniques. Throughout his time has even inspired artists by spreading his work methods with master classes in the UK and further in Holland, Japan, Belgium and Spain.