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Ask the Expert – Renault Kadjar


“Some say she has driven over 50 types of car and can parallel park a Jaguar XJL. Others say she can strap in three children at once without even breaking a sweat… All we know is she’s The Expert.”


We put our world-wise driver (She’s not quite The Stig, but she knows her stuff) to the test and asked her to test drive the new Renault Kadjar to find out why we’ve just added them to our fleet. Read on below…

Performance and Drive


On the open roads the Kadjar is a nice responsive ride, with the suspension that is well weighted compared to many other SUV’s on the market today. Throw the Kadjar around the corners, and you will find it’s happy to grip to the floor like a Koala bear hugging a tree, all without giving you much roll.  If you’re looking for a bit more va va voom from your SUV, maybe consider the 1.6-litre dCi diesel option, as this engine will do 0-62mph in under 10 seconds.


Overall, the Kadjar ride feels that bit more refined compared to super popular Nissan Qashqai, which it shares many components with.

kadjar boot space

Space & Practicality


The Kadjar is a practical car, providing the most boot space of any in the SUV class – apparently even more than the Qashqai’s.


At the front, the Kadjar serves up plenty of leg and head room, as well as ample width space for elbows between the driver and passenger.  For rear space, Kadjar is best in the class, with two adults having similar leg room to that of a first class seat on flight heading to New York. You may also be happy to hear the rear doors are wide enough to give you to easy access to a child seat from outside.


Design and Interior


The Renault is a much better looking car compared to Nissan Qashqai. Renault French flair has again produced a bold curvaceous concept-like looking car, which I assume many would be proud to sit next to Range Rover Evoque or BMW X3 in the car park.


It has to be said, Renault have not gone as bold or revolutionary on the instruments or fascia, but the overall design has a nice sporty look akin to an Audi Q5 or Range Rover Sport.  Overall quality is high, with nice soft materials used in many areas that you will see while driving.


Technology, Sat-nav and Infotainment


Kadjar’s infotainment system is nicely laid out and simple to use, with the entire dashboard design feeling more chic than its rivals.


The main unit uses a 7in colour touchscreen, with sat-nav, DAB radio and includes a USB socket to plug your phone into. As is standard with many in-car systems today, the Kadjar comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to sync contacts and music playlist within just a few clicks.


I found the touchscreen to be user-friendly, with all of the key icons visibly defined.  I always want to pair up my phone before I start the engine, and the Kadjar makes it quick and easy to do that via Bluetooth and USB sockets. Great for my Spotify playlists, even better with the BOSE sound system.




We’re happy to have added these cars to fleet and know they’re going to be popular with holiday makers needing the luggage space as well as parents still looking for that class and style…

If you’re looking for a spacious cheap to run SUV with striking looks, the Renault Kadjar ticks all these boxes and more.



Model driven was Kadjar 1.6 Turbo Diesel dci 130. Let us know how you found the #KADJAR by tweeting us be in with a chance to win an Apple iPad Pro.


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For prices on both these models and more information please visit our fleet page.

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