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Ask The Expert: Ford Mondeo

“Some say she has driven over 50 types of car and can parallel park a Jaguar XJL. Others say she can strap in three children at once without even breaking a sweat… All we know is she’s The Expert.”


We put our world-wise driver (She’s not quite The Stig, but she knows her stuff) to the test and asked her to ditch her Focus for a few days in favour of the Ford Mondeo. Will she prefer a class above or miss the comfort of a standard economy car? Read on below…

Ok, we get it. You don’t want to spend too much on the rental car. You need to keep prices down this holiday. You’ve booked the safe and steady standard Ford Focus. Nothing fancy, gets you from A to B and won’t breakdown.

But then there’s THIS.

With extra spacious legroom, boot space and interior, the Ford Mondeo TDCi Titanium model is one of our most popular vehicles in the fleet. Customers adore it. Businessmen choose the Mondeo time and time again. Because it’s worth that extra £10 a day for cutting edge technology, stylish interior and super-smooth handling.

I didn’t have to spend more than ten minutes inside the Mondeo to know this was a car I could commit my life to. Why don’t I own one? It’s got everything. Literally, everything is at your fingertips, on the steering wheel. I can control every part of the infotainment unit, radio, built-in GPS system, air conditioning without barely having to take my eyes off the road.

The seats are ridiculously comfortable and have three different controls down the side of the seat for the optimum positioning. I hold a button for a fraction of a second and start feeling the lumbar support against my back, or the lip of the seat lifting or lowering for my legs. It even remembers exactly how I left the seat and automatically adjusts as soon as I start the keyless engine. Magical.

From the outside, it looks like a streamlined corporate vehicle. Easirent does most colours in the Titanium range but I was lucky enough to receive a dark metallic blue. Coupled with the daylight LED headlamps and raised aerodynamic profile across the bonnet and sides, it looks spectacular. Even at night.

OK, both models have a decent kit inside, 7-inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX ports, Ford SYNC and voice-activated operations. BUT! The Mondeo has added safety features like Lane Assist and Driver Alert. The climate-controlled cabin is also a huge plus, as it steadily keeps you at the perfect temperature, turning on and off when necessary so you never have to fiddle with it. Plus, your passenger can have their own setting without it affecting you.

The biggest difference of all between these models though – has got to be the boot space. The Focus boasts a reasonable 363 litres which can comfortably fit a pushchair, a load of shopping or two family-sized suitcases. But compare that to the whopping 550 litres (550 dm3) that the Mondeo has and you’re looking at an estate vehicle that you can fit a family of four’s luggage AND the kitchen sink inside.


It drives smoothly, handles well around corners and uphill, the fuel economy is pretty impressive and the estate size is more-than-comfortable with parking sensors to help you park it. If you were taking a short trip, literally you and two others, then the Focus would be a solid choice. No contest needed. But if you’re interested in something a little more exciting then you should definitely ask in branch if they’ve got a Mondeo ready because it may just be the best upgrade choice of your year.

Let us know which one you prefer #FordFocus or #FordMondeo by tweeting us @EasirentCarHire to be in with a chance to win an Apple iPad Pro.


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For prices on both these models and more information please visit our fleet page.

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