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– Autumn Activity Ideas –

This half-term season, there are plenty exciting activities to get the whole family together to experience the wonderful change of colours and longer evenings spent cosied up at home.

Autumn Kids Crafts

Get together your supplies, put the fire on and gather round the table – we’re about to get messy!

apple printing5

Try your hand at Apple Printing –

What you will need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Paper Plates
  • Red, Gold and Green Paints
  • Apples, cut in half

Apples are falling from their trees this time of year, so gather a selection of different sizes and shapes, then cut them in half. Squirt your paint onto a paper plate and push your apple-half into the paint, covering the surface. Then let your imagination run wild! Use your apple to make printed designs and even cards. Experiment with different colours and half-and-half combinations for a truly autumnal effect!


Another fall favourite craft for the kids is making Leaf Collages –

What you will need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Pens
  • Broad leaves

Collect yourself some varying sized autumn leaves that have fallen from the trees near you. Press them in between sheets of newspaper inside a heavy book for a few days beforehand to make them easier to stick. Arrange your leaves on the paper and glue around the edges. You can add any further decorations like an outline in brightly coloured pens or glitter (even stickers) to make your leaf collage more original. If you’re really inventive you can make a shape, animal or autumn scene out of your leaves like the pictures above!

Autumn Drives

autumn roads

One of the best ways to truly experience the excitement of the changing colours and fresh air is to get out for a scenic autumn drive or walk. There are some wonderfully leafy routes in England that take you on a journey through the countryside and will be sure to reignite your love of the season, as you find a suitable spot to pull over and go walking through the scenery. Pack a flask of hot coffee or even better, mulled wine(!) and make your trek into a picnic surrounded by Britain’s beautiful forests, waterfalls, nature trails and woods.

You can find a list of our best picks for autumn scenic drives here and autumn walking spots here. If you’re looking for some cosy car date ideas, you can even read our inspiring ideas here.

Autumn Wildlife



In the autumn, our wildlife goes into Business Mode. The temperature drops, the essential work of breeding and nurture is over and done with: and it’s time for the wild world to rearrange itself. Each species gets ready to enact its own strategy for getting through the winter.For many birds it’s about arrivals and departures: some, like swallows, flying to Africa to escape the killing cold and the shortage food, others, like geese, swans and ducks arriving here because they find our country so mellow after the Arctic.

For many birds it’s about arrivals and departures: some, like swallows, flying to Africa to escape the killing cold and the shortage food, others, like geese, swans and ducks arriving here because they find our country so mellow after the Arctic.

The woods are full of fungi that only an expert can identify and only an adventurer can eat, while the red deer, perversely, decide that this is the moment to get excited about breeding.  They make a wonderfully dramatic – and disturbingly noisy – spectacle as the world changes all around them.

For many plants, insects and some mammals, it’s a time of shutting down.  It’s all about change: changing the way you live, changing the place where you do so: getting ready for the great annual emergency called winter.

There is a myriad of exciting things to go and see from Migrating Birds in preservation parks, eager beavers down by the river, squirrels going nuts over collecting and storing their harvest or cheering on the salmon run as they battle upstream.



Get outdoors with one of our fantastically comfortable and reasonably priced Campervans!

Camping is popular during this time of year as the kids go back and the campsites turn golden coloured. As the temperature drops, so do the rates making camping in the Autumn suitable for everyone! With it being colder and most likely, a little rainy, most of us wouldn’t brave the hardcore camping in a tent but would prefer the heated, lit, raised bed of a campervan!

Here at Easirent, we hire out VW California Campervans that can sleep up to 4 people (or 2 adults and 2 kids) or Zefiro Motorhomes that can sleep 6 people and come with a kitchen, dining table and shower.

Starting from £70/night our campers and motorhomes are available all year round and offer the freedom to explore the country while still sleeping in luxury and getting close to nature. Read our fabulous customer camping guides below to get a real feel for what it’s like camping in each of our models.



Make your kids Half-Term incredible with an Autumn Camping Mini-Break with Easirent!

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