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Birmingham Airport passengers get fast track option to US

Sam at our car hire Birmingham Airport office reports on Birmingham passengers getting a fast track Airport option to the US.

Details of a service which would allow Birmingham Airport passengers to fast track their journey to the States through Dublin Airport has been announced by airline Aer Lingus Regional which is operated by Aer Arann.

Passengers who fly with Aer Lingus from Birmingham will be connecting through Dublin to complete pre-clearance and customs, before continuing the journey on to the US. This will make arriving in the US for the passengers on the Birmingham flights, treated similar to domestic passengers and avoid delays that are associated with customs and boarder staff.

Simon Fagan, chief commercial officer, of Aer Arann, said: “Following recently adding flights to the Dublin Birmingham route, we are pleased to announce details of this service which is designed to save our customers time. Birmingham Airport is of strategic importance to our network. We estimate that 480,000 passengers travel through London airports from the West Midlands to fly to the US – adding substantial time to their journey. Now there is an alternative. This service will enable customers to fly from Birmingham, pre-clear security and customs in Dublin and make their onward trip to the US at reduced journey times.”

This service is estimated to save passengers up to two hours hours on arrivals at US destinations including New York, Boston, Chicago and Orlando.Ireland is the only country in Europe to offer passport and customs pre-clearance checks to US destinations.