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Birmingham amongst the most congested in Europe and North America

The staff working at Car Hire Birmingham Airport are not astonished at the research completed on congestion to find Birmingham towards the top of the list.

It will not be a shock too many to find out Birmingham is one of the top 20 congested areas in Europe and as far as North America. Recent research has found Birmingham drivers wait about 34 hours a year in their cars in jams. Traffic data analyst group Inrix put Birmingham in 19th place, just behind New York and Stuttgart and ahead of Chicago and Madrid.

The ranking system was devised by comparing the difference in traffic speed during peak times on a weekday against when roads were free flowing over the past year.

Italian city Milan came out the worst overall with a score of 33.8, with Belgian cities Brussels and Antwerp having the most amount of time wasted with 82.9 and 78.1 hours respectively. In the UK London commuter zone, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and surprise package South Nottinghamshire all came above Greater Birmingham.

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