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Birmingham bus lane fines top £3 million

The Staff at Car Hire Birmingham Airport are warning car hire customers of the speed camera in operation in the area.

Fines in the bus lanes in Birmingham are believed to have topped £3.2 million since the camera crackdown began. They were put up at 10 locations last year and by June 118,193 penalty charge notices (PCNs) had been issued. The Labour-run council denied claims it was a money making scheme, pointing out money would be put into transport.

Drivers who paid within 14 days of receiving a PCN could pay a 50% discounted fine of £30. If paid within 28 days, the penalty was £60, and £90 if it was late. Signage was deemed unclear at The Priory Queensway, St Martin’s Queensway and Moor Street Queensway

Councillor Tahir Ali, responsible for transport, previously said the council would not allow drivers’ retrospective appeals, nor would it enforce 18,000 unpaid, disputed fines.

Labour Councillor John O’Shea, who also sits on the committee, stressed “It’s not a money-making scheme. Although there may have been an initial flood of penalties that is likely to reduce significantly once people get the message.”

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