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Birmingham City Centre 20mph Speed Limits set to Start

Car Hire Birmingham Airport is wanting to make all customers who use the city centre aware of the new speed changes coming in to force.

The speed limit restrictions in Birmingham are set to begin in the city centre and inner city, even with objections to it from residents. In late 2012 Birmingham City Council voted in favour of a city wide 20 mph speed limit restriction, to improve pedestrian safety, reduce traffic congestion and diminish pollution. The plans are reportedly going to cost £7 million to complete by the end of the decade.

Phase one will be launched by the Labour led government next week, focusing on an area roughly within the number 11 outer circle bus route. A report to the cabinet showed that 3,565 people responded to a survey, with 39% wanting the overall 20mph policy introduced.

Cabinet member for a green and safe city Councillor James McKay (Lab, Harborne) said: “Research from other places in the UK and overseas show that 20 mph limits make roads safer, and help to make walking and cycling more attractive options, leading to less traffic congestion, better health, less noise, more social interaction and stronger communities.”

Support was high from schools, colleges and public transport networks, but some opposition has been found with the Road Haulage Association and Association of British Drivers. Birmingham spokesman Keith Rowe said, “It will lead to driver frustration, longer journey times and in an age of austerity the council has better things to spend its money on.”