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Birmingham set to loose last music heritage pub to developers

Car Hire Birmingham Airport staff are saddened at the news the historic pub in the city is set to be lost to memory for ever.

Calls to change a historic pub in Birmingham into a music heritage site have gone unheard after Admiral Taverns sold the property for £1.2 million. It is regarded as the city’s last great music heritage pub, with the idea to turn it in to a rock and roll museum now extremely unlikely because it has been sold to developers.

On the corner of Station Street, The Crown was the place where Black Sabbath played their fist gig, with other regulars including Status Quo and Led Zeppelin. The first live folk album was recorded there in 1962 by Ian Campbell and licensee Colleen Andrews had to leave by 22nd June.

She said, “I can’t understand why Birmingham City Council is allowing this to happen to our heritage. This pub is the city’s equivalent of The Cavern in Liverpool, where The Beatles started out. It could have become a great live music venue again, and a wonderful rock museum. Everyone from The Who to Duran Duran, Thin Lizzy and The Move has played here. On the wall are the words Jim, The Doors. I thought that once John Lewis and New Street opened it was going to be fantastic. People were going to come down the new steps right opposite the pub. It was going to be the first place they would see.”

Admiral Tavern’s property director Andy Clifford said in a statement “The offer we have accepted for the Crown in Birmingham is from a purchaser who has the required funds to invest in the future of this property. We have ensured that the current licensee is aware of the situation as it has been developing.”

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