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Birmingham Speed Limit Zones Announced

Car Hire Birmingham Airport are keeping a close eye on the speed restriction areas for all their future car hire customers.

A number of Birmingham high streets are to be reduced to 20mph zones in the opening round of speed reductions. The council has provided detailed maps of the areas to be targeted, including Moseley, Kings Heath, Harborne and Sparkhill.

Transport policy manager Richard Leonard said, “It is a big area. It correlates not only with the wards where the support for 20mph limits was highest, but where accident rates are high.”

The main A and B roads will keep their respective speed limits, except for high streets and shopping areas. The Labour bosses agreed to cut speed limits on residential areas earlier this month. A public consultation questionnaire last year found 60% of respondents were against the speed restrictions, but council leaders have continued with them, claiming many did not fully understand what was being planned.