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Blocks of Flats to be demolished for Glasgow Commonwealth Opening Ceremony

Car Hire Glasgow Airport consider the demolition of a part of the city’s history to be shown as part of the opening ceremony an interesting idea.

Part of the Glasgow skyline for more than 50 years is going to be blown up as an element of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Five of the six remaining Red Road flat towers will be brought down in just 15 seconds in the largest demolition of its kind ever seen in Europe.

This event will be shown live on a 100ft wide screen at the Celtic Park ceremony and to a huge TV audience. The towers are 30 stories high and when the original eight were standing a total of 4,000 people lived in them. They are being demolished as part of a Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) regeneration project.

GHA chairman Gordon Sloan said, “The Red Road flats were very popular in their day and hold a special place in many people’s hearts. But they are just no longer viable as modern homes and GHA made the decision to demolish them as part of the wider regeneration of the north of Glasgow. We will bring them down in strictly controlled conditions, with the expertise of our contractor Safedem.”

Commonwealth Games Minister Shona Robison said, “This spectacular start to the games within the opening ceremony will send a strong signal about the power of the Commonwealth Games. For many people, these games are more than sport, they are a chance for regeneration, renewal and having better places to live and work.”

The Commonwealth Games will begin on 23rd July and run until 3rd August.