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British Airways celebrates an important milestone at Leeds Bradford Airport

British Airways has marked its 30-month anniversary of passenger flights from Leeds Bradford Airport, as their 300,000th passenger travelled on the route to London Heathrow Airport earlier this week.

The British Airways flight launched in Leeds Bradford Airport in December 2012 and it is down to the people of Yorkshire’s commitment to the service, that they have been able to reach such a milestone figure. The flight is the only direct air link between Leeds Bradford and London, and both business and leisure customers alike are taking advantage of London Heathrow’s extensive network of connections to over 70 British Airways international destinations.

In a bid to promote Yorkshire as the regional and cultural capital of the north and the UK’s largest centre for banking outside of London, Leeds Bradford Airport is working with the chambers of commerce in the Heathrow catchment area to promote flying to Leeds for day long business meetings.

Simon Lea, British Airways’ airport manager at Leeds Bradford said, “The strength of the Yorkshire economy and the opportunities this presents in terms of inward investment and job creation means the British Airways route continues to grow and in turn supports the Northern powerhouse.”

Both Leeds Bradford Airport and London Heathrow Airport have benefitted from the convenient and attractive cost of the air link between the two cities and welcome the benefits it brings to local business in the region.

Tony Hallwood, Leeds Bradford’s aviaton development director said, “We look forward to attracting more businesses in the Thames Valley, Surrey and West London regions to take advantage of the convenience and attractive cost of flying to Leeds Bradford with British Airways for their meetings. We also expect weekend leisure breaks to Leeds and Yorkshire will also take off this summer.”

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