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British Airways to extend cheaper flights at Heathrow Airport

With the news that BA is going to extend it’s cheaper flights offer, Car Hire Heathrow Airport think it is best to get flights booked early to take advantage of the best prices. 

Airline British Airways is going to extend its “hand baggage only” fares for flights leaving from Heathrow Airport

These hand luggage fares are on sale now for flights leaving on or after 24th September to eight short haul destinations. These are Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam, Glasgow and Edinburgh. There is a selection of these offers at London City Airport.

This move was made in February, considered to be a reaction to commercial pressure from no-frills rivals, who quote lower headline fares that do not include the cost of checked-in luggage. Nick Trend, the Telegraph Travel consumer editor, thinks that those who check bags into the hold could end up paying more.