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Bus Gates planned for Glasgow city centre

The Car Hire Glasgow Airport location will be keen to know when these new bus gates are completed, so they can advise all car hire customers to avoid them.

Two new controversial locations for bus gates in Glasgow have been identified, resulting in traffic being limited on Renfield Street and Oswald Street.

A bus gate at Nelson Mandela Place was introduced in June, earning the council at least £800,000 in two months in fines for motorists who drove through it. The report estimates that if the measures were introduced, city-centre traffic would fall by 9% but general traffic journey times would increase.

The council’s transport strategy, which has not yet been approved, aims to identify problems and solutions for travel in the city centre. Poor air quality was cited as a consistent issue, while poor conditions for cycling, quality of public transport provision and traffic demand issues were also mentioned.

The 10-year plan for city centre transport includes the proposal for new bus gates, tested using transport modelling, which could be in place in the next two years.

Traffic would be limited on the main north/south bus routes through Renfield Street and Oswald Street in the city centre.

Bus gates ban private vehicles from travelling through certain areas at particular times of the day. They improve journey times for buses and taxis and can reduce the number of cars and improve the local environment.

A spokesperson for First Glasgow, the city’s biggest bus operator, said “We very much welcome the city council’s approach to prioritising public transport in the city centre. Measures like bus gates not only reduce congestion and improve air quality but also help support bus operators in providing a smoother, quicker and stress-free means for our passengers to get from A to B. First Glasgow is also committed to playing its part to improve air quality across the city and is investing around £7.4m in 47 state-of-the-art green vehicles, supported by the Scottish government’s Green Bus Fund.”

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