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Campaign to bring People back to Edinburgh

The tram work has been an issue for those in the city and Car Hire Edinburgh Airport are happy there is now a drive to bring people back to the Scottish city.

A drive in Edinburgh has been launched with the aim of attracting families and shoppers back into the City centre, following the end of the tram works at a cost of £1m. It is hoped this campaign will add a supplementary £50m to the amount spent in the city centre over the next two years.

Andrew Burns, Edinburgh City Council’s leader, said, “Edinburgh is a unique and world class place but we recognise that some folk may be out of the habit of coming into town. This campaign lets the city speak for itself, reminding people of the fantastic and diverse proposition that the city centre has to offer.”

It has been given the green light after a survey of 2,000 residents, found that over 90% thought that the tram works had resulted in a damaging affect on their enjoyment in the city centre. The survey also found that just over a quarter of those surveyed shopped there less than they did two years ago.

The head people of the campaign, wanted to target residents of Edinburgh and anyone within a couple hours drive of the city. Part of the advertising drive is a number of television adverts, with a This Is Edinburgh theme.

John Donnelly, Marketing Edinburgh chief executive said, “When we set out to create the campaign, we spoke with lots of different groups, listening to their opinions on Edinburgh. Overwhelmingly, our research found that residents had become very resistant and unresponsive to what they see as adverts of Edinburgh for the tourists.”