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Campaign to Light up Part of Glasgow’s History

It is considered a good petition according to the Car Hire Glasgow Airport branch, about keeping the history of places for all to see.

There is a campaign under way to have the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow illuminated at night. The person starting it is Hugh Creaney a BBC Scotland camera operator, who feels a spotlight should be on part of the city’s rich engineering heritage.

Hugh said “The Finnieston Crane stands on the Clydeside as a lasting, visible reminder of Glasgow’s ship-building heritage. For years it has appeared in many representations of Glasgow and is an iconic landmark of Glasgow. Glaswegians are proud of their history, of the shipyards and the ties they helped us build with the world. They made us who we are. At night, this behemoth structure sits in a dark corner, while the more modern architecture around it takes the night. The crane sits in the shadows between these buildings, when it should really be standing proud.”

As it stands Glasgow City Council are liaising with applicants over prospective plans to repair, refurbish and light the A-listed structure. Owned by Clydeport, it lifted machinery on to ships for export, but fell into disuse in the early 1990’s.