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Car & Van Hire Sabden

To the South of Pendle Hill in Lancashire lies the village of Sabden. This has grown over the years and is now considered a medium to large village in Lancashire. There is a rich history that goes along with Sabden, perhaps one of the most famous tales being that of the Pendle Witches. It was in 1612 that ten people were executed on the moors, found guilty of witchcraft at Lancaster Castle. Something that you are able to partake in near Sabden today is to follow the journey taken by these accused ten witches – from the moors to the Lancaster court. This is not only part of Lancashire’s history, but is a significant moment in British history too.

From the 16th century, farming and quarrying were extremely popular in the area around Sabden, and today there is still the remains of a medieval cattle farm wall on a roadside toward the east of the village. Weaving and fabric industry took over in the 18th and 19th centuries and the area produced some of the finest mills. Until the early twentieth century the village was under several different parishes, but finally became a civil parish in 1904.

Sabden is picturesque and beautiful to walk around, being bordered with scenic countryside, and hosting two pubs where food and drink can be bought. There is also a highly recommended deli that goes by the name San-witches, where you will be able to sample the infamous Malkin Pie, which is a pie using the ingredients used by the witches at the Great Feast of Malkin Tower. There are lots of walking routes over the moors, and also around the village edges, it is definitely a good part of Lancashire to pay a visit to and experience what it has to offer.