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Cargo Carrier at Heathrow Airport bursts into flames

The Easirent Heathrow car hire branch are relieved nothing more serious occurred on Tuesday evening to the cargo carrier which caught fire.

A flight at Heathrow Airport was delayed on Tuesday after a cargo carrier caught fire, just some metres away from a Jet Airways Boeing 777 that was preparing for take-off to New Delhi.

This resulted in the flight being delayed for over an hour as a fire crew was called and put out the fire. Smoke billowed out of the vehicle, which was stopped facing the rear of the plane, near to the outflow valve.

A Jet Airways statement published on the carrier’s social media pages said, “A high loader truck belonging to an external service provider suffered a minor fire prior to departure of flight 9W 121 from London Heathrow to Delhi. Contrary to media reports, no engine of the aircraft caught fire. As per procedure, all pre-flight activities were temporarily aborted and the fire was promptly extinguished by the authorities. Since the truck was in close proximity to our aircraft, on completion of formalities, the aircraft was inspected and released for departure. There were 155 guests and crew on board the flight.”