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#TravelTuesday FOCUS: Miami

Tuesday 17th of October 2017

There are no finer beaches on the east coast than Miami Beach. Across the bay from mainland Miami, you find white sands and turquoise blue waves with wonderful temperatures of 26 degrees. With Easirent’s latest branch opening at Miami International Airport, …]



Travel Guide: Fort Lauderdale

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

There are so many things to do in Fort Lauderdale. Take a tour of the city on a water taxi through the Intracoastal Waterway, soak in the sun at the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach and stroll along Las Olas Boulevard for …]


Easter Traditions in the USA v UK

Wednesday 29th of March 2017

Easter is a Christian celebration recognised around the world, which rejoices in the re birth of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion on ‘Good Friday’. Every country has their own interpretation of this festival, American celebrations have some similarities and differences …]


British Eccentricities

Tuesday 1st of March 2016

The United Kingdom is famous for its different quirks and eccentricities, whether it be the diverse range of historic festivals that the different counties host each year, or the way that the British people act in certain situations, they’re certainly …]


5 Unusual British Traditions

Monday 1st of February 2016

Are you heading over to the UK from the States for a British road trip? Here at Easirent, we think that you should be sufficiently prepared for the strange and quirky customs and traditions that you’re more than likely to …]


British Road Rules

Saturday 2nd of January 2016

The thought of driving in a foreign country can be daunting to even the most confident of drivers, with a plethora of alternative road rules to what you’re used to back home. Driving in the United Kingdom can be especially …]


The Difference between UK vs US Christmas

Wednesday 9th of December 2015

  Christmas in the UK Are you heading to the UK for the holidays? Maybe to visit British family or just for a festive change of scenery? If, like Chris Rea you are ‘Driving Home for Christmas’, then you’ll be …]