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Cheshire Days Out

Car Hire Cheshire

Easirent Wigan have some fabulous deals on their cars if you are fancying a trip out with family please call in to see us or contact us on 01942 77 88 99 to hire or enquire further on our vehicles.

Here are a few local ideas of local days out:

Go Ape

Go ape is a company based in Delamere forest, with other facilities throughout the country that have a wide array of high up climbing and scaling activities in the tree line of the forest. The thrill of the Delamere go ape and the massive zip wire at the end makes it well worth the visit. This is an amazing day out in the heart of the Cheshire woodland with over 10K of forest it has plenty of walks and adventure awaiting the intrepid family.

Walls of Chester

The walls of Cheshire are surrounding the city centre with lots of smaller attractions set up around the walls. Example being the horse race track, museums, gardens and shopping districts. The walls themselves date back almost two thousand years and are one of the best preserved sites in Britain with only one major split in the wall since its creation. The walls are open 24 hours a day but as it’s a city centre it is advised to go in the days rather than the night times.

Crocky Trail

The Crocky trail is for the dirty adventurous family who loves getting physically involved. There is a series of tests in and around the park that will test users to their ends. You will not come out clean that’s for sure so make sure you pack a change of clothes and a towel when you go to visit the attraction in the heart of Cheshire. It is located a short drive from Northwich so easy and quick to get to from our offices.

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool has an extensive beach, amazing night life scene and a very infamous theme park. There is nowhere which is so suited to tourists elsewhere. There are also lots of mobile home friendly camp sites on the edges of the town making it good for days out with close proximity to the home.

Outdoor Sports

Both Cheshire and Lancashire have a massive collection of outdoor sporting activities ranging from canoeing to mountain climbing to pot holing. This means that if you are an athletic thrill seeker then there is no place than the plains of Cheshire and the mountains of east Cheshire or the rivers, lakes and forests in central Lancashire offering every sporting activity you could dream of.


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