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Chief at Heathrow Airport wanted Awkward Question Avoidance

It is a hard task to keep the press away from a story they want to get as much information on when a key figure in helping to get information is at an event which should be free to the public. Car Hire Heathrow Airport think it may perhaps have been a bad decision.

The chief executive of Heathrow Airport Colin Matthews hoped for a hassle free visit to Scotland last week, after the airport banned journalists from attending a public talk. The Heathrow chief was there to talk up proposals for a third runway to Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

The decision has provoked hilarity amongst the aviation circles as only recently Edinburgh Chamber had been in the presence of Stewart Wingate, the head of Gatwick airport. The reason to ban the media was to promote the case for a new runway to the Glasgow business community and did not want any potential distractions.

It had been said by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce that these events are public that were open for non-members to attend. However, a spokeswoman for Heathrow Airport said, “It’s not a media event; it’s not a Press event. It’s an opportunity for Colin to have a chat with local businesses.”