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A byword for style, elegance and fine living, Milan is one of the most important cities on the planet in terms of fashion, economics, culture and sport. The industrial and financial heart of Italy, expect to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful, and the blue-collared alike – re-gardless of your budget, tastes and interests. Milan is a forward thinking exciting metropolis guaranteed to cater to everyone in some capacity.

Against a backdrop of stunning dramatic gothic architecture, Milan averages out in the mid 20s (Celsius) during the summer months. Winding and sprawling, it is best to drive while exploring Milan, making sure you cover everything from the classic buildings such as the cathedral and Galleria Vittoria Emanuel ll, to excursions north out of the city to the foot of the majestic Alps.

The city itself is home to swathes of culture – from the annual Milan Fashion week, to art galleries housing wonders such as The Last Supper, to world renowned soccer from Inter Milan and AC Milan. The city is not all glitz and glamour though, as Milan is home to a-number-of beautiful vistas and public parks, perfect for wasting away the days.

Despite the fact it is constantly evolving and changing to meet the demands of modern day life, you still easily get a feel for the ‘true’ Milan of old. Italians stereotypically are very proud of their heritage, and it is ingrained into the very fabric of the city. Whether drinking coffee from establishments formed in the early 20th century, or looking at houses older than some countries, Milan washes over you at every opportunity.

The main airport in the region is Milan-Malpensa (MXP), located a 45-minute drive North-West of the city, next to the Ticino river. Malpensa Airport handled over 19 million passen-gers in 2016, and is a focus-airport for many budget and premier airlines alike.


There are many different options to consider when staying in Milan whether related to price, vibe, location or other. Luckily, as Milan is such a major and important city there are a ton of different places to stay.

Hotel Teco, located a 13-minute drive from the centre of Milan, is a 3* establishment that won’t leave you out of pocket. Nestled in Milan’s University district ‘Citta Studi’ which is known for its craft beers, Hotel Teco offers a hub central to all of Milan’s goings on. A simi-lar experience can be had at Lancaster Hotel, located near to the magnificent Arco della Pace. Lancaster Hotel can’t be missed, it’s exterior oozing classic Italian sensibilities, whilst the inside is warm, welcoming, and a great place to make your base camp.

If you are in Milan to live the full exuberant Milano lifestyle, then look no further than Park Hyatt Milan. Located next to the legendary Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade, the Park Hyatt is a 5* hotel designed to make you feel like royalty. Elegant and modern, whilst still maintaining an air of classic Milan style, the Park Hyatt boasts all manner of chic rooms, with those lucky enough to have a roof garden treated to stunning views of the cities Gothic architecture.

If your stay in Milan is business related, or just a quick stop before jetting elsewhere, then staying near the airport is a must. However, seeing as Malpensa Airport is right on the Tici-no River there is still a certain amount of beauty and joy to be had staying in the area as opposed to what you would usually expect from staying in such close-proximity to a major international airport. Take your pick from a great deal of nearby hotels such as the Shera-ton, MOXY, Idea Hotel, or the elegant Hotel Villa Malpensa – decked out with its own out-door pool.

Food and Drink

As far as positive stereotypes go, Italy has its fair share, with a major one being that it is a nation of food lovers obsessed with perfection. In Milan you will find some of the best dining in all of Italy, if not all of Europe. Whether you want to push the boat out and dine with Michelin starred chefs, or find the local delicacies and establishments that the locals swear by, Milan has everything you could ever dream of.

Contraste has emerged as one of the finest dining establishments in Milan, offering up small intricate plates designed to be enjoyed as a multi-course experience. The ‘chef’s choice’ 12 course taster-menu is recommended for ‘foodies’ as you savour the whirlwind of flavours and the processes undertaken to create such exceptional food.

Seta is another must visit for gastros. The recipient of two Michelin Stars, Seta is open for breakfast lunch and dinner, offering contemporary takes of traditional Milanese dishes and tastes. A four-minute drive from the centre of Milan, be sure to dine al fresco in Seta’s stunning courtyard if you can.

If high-end dining is not your scene in the slightest then make sure to check out G.B. Bar. With freshly made sandwiches costing as little as 5 and crisp Italian beers on tap, G.B. Bar is perfect for those on a budget, or those just wanting to waste a couple of hours in Milan.

Bianco Latte is another establishment oozing understated Italian class, offering fine roasted coffees and freshly baked pastries at moderate prices. Bianco Latte is perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunch and is a seven-minute drive from the heart of the city.

If you like your pizza then make sure to stop by Mr. Panozzo (a 13-minute drive North-East of the city centre) and eat slice after slice of cheesey goodness. Italians and Americans will always argue about who invented and perfected the pizza, but Mr. Panozzo might just sway you to the side of the Italians.


One of the pre-eminent fashion cities in history, Milan is awash with high-end designer clothing and shoes, but is also home to many smaller boutiques and independent stores which are kinder to the wallet, and sin some cases kinder to the eyes too.
Regardless of personal tastes, you have got to start with the big fashion houses when talking about shopping in Milan. First stop should be Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, even if you’re not shopping. A 19th century arcade comprised of iron and glass and covering an entire street, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the oldest shopping malls on the planet. At over 150 years old it has taken on its share of damage and neglect, but is the subject of on-going restoration, and is one of Milan’s major landmarks. Expect to find high-end boutiques from the likes of Prada, Versace and Louis Vuitton as well as small cafes and restaurants.
Not everyone can live the Milan life at Milan prices, but luckily for everyone else there is the Serravalle designer outlet. An hour drive South of Milan, Serravalle offers heavily dis-counted pieces from Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and over 300 others. If you fancy somewhere a little closer to Milan, then try Vicolungo the Style Outlet in neigh-bouring Novara. A 30-minute drive from Milan, you can expect to find brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike and Armani.
For those with more modest budgets but strong tastes then look no further than 10 Corso Como. Now an international string of quirky department stores, the original and best ver-sion is here in Milan. Offering everything from mugs homewares and art, to design-pieces books and jewellery, 10 Corso Como is an eclectic space that is easy to get lost in and is roughly a 20-minute drive from the centre of Milan.

Culture and Attractions

Awash with art, culture and history, Milan has enough to see and do no matter if you’re staying for a weekend or a month.

If you have little ones in tow then keeping them entertained requires plenty of planning and preparation. Luckily, Milan has lots of attractions guaranteed to keep the youngest – and oldest – visitors entertained. Parco della Preistoria, located a 45-50-minute drive east of the city centre, is bound to amaze the whole family as you learn all about the prehistoric ages, because who doesn’t love dinosaurs? But if you want to stay within the city walls, then a trip to the Museum of Science and Technology is your best bet, taking roughly 20-minutes by car from the centre of Milan.

Whether going for a game, or just for a stadium tour, no sport lover should pass up an op-portunity to visit the San Siro stadium. Home to Serie A football clubs Inter Milan and AC Milan, the San Siro holds over 80,000 and has been the site of many infamous matches, and the home of legendary players throughout the years such as Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini, Javier Zanetti and Franco Baresi amongst others. Driving to the San Siro from the centre of Milan will take around 30 minutes on non-match days.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day, then make the near 2-hour drive North to Lake Como. Nestled at the foot of the Alps, Lake Como is widely re-garded as one of, if not the, most beautiful river in the world. Surrounded by ornate villas, small farms, lush greenery and wildlife, Lake Como is not to be missed.

Staying in the city, it is impossible to avoid Duomo di Milano – the Milan Cathedral. The third largest church in the World, the construction of Duomo di Milano took nearly six cen-turies, and is integral to the history and identity of Milan. If visiting the Cathedral, it is high-ly advised to take a trip to the roof, where you can appreciate the finer detailing on this ar-chitectural wonder, as well as taking in a stunning view of the city itself.

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