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Covered walkway to be added at the Edinburgh Airport tram terminal

With the new expansion plan recently under way at Edinburgh Airport, there is worry from some that is will cause disruption during key sporting events next summer. Car Hire Edinburgh Airport are confident that will not be the case.

There will be a covered walkway built for passengers moving between Edinburgh Airport and the tram stop, to steer clear of the transport hub feeling like a construction site. Hoardings have recently gone up as the building work has now officially started on the expansion of the main terminal. More shops, a brand new security hall and up to 15% extra terminal space will be created.

With the outer shell of the airport expansion will not be finished until next year, meaning those who use the new tram service, having to walk further around construction work to enter the terminal.

Security equipment will be moved over during the summer months of next year, with the airport reaching record numbers during the summer just passed, Airport head of project delivery Ian Lang said, “switching between security areas during the tourist season would be one of the most challenging phases of the project. “Passengers can expect to turn up and go through the process as they normally would.

There’s not going to be any major impacts to the journey through Edinburgh. There might be a bit of noise, but in terms of disruption it’s driven towards making sure people arrive and depart on time.”


There has been a taskforce set up, that includes Mr Lang charged with making plans so that any airport work does not threaten what has been billed as a bumper year for Scottish tourism.