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Dashcams are quickly becoming a vital part of insurance and accident claims, which is why we feel it necessary to become the first car hire company to offer New HD Toguard Dashcams as an extra on your booking.



  • Full HD 1080P. 120 wide angle lens for high-quality footage. Our dashcams can capture both sides of the road including side roads and pavements both day and night.


  • Unobtrusive and Small Size. Very compact design, hiding behind your mirror, so doesn’t take up much space or cause an obstruction when driving.


  • Essential Functions. G-sensor Lock, motion detection, loop recording, timestamp. With these functions, loop recording overwrites previous recordings when it reaches the end, so no need to format SD card manually. When dash camera is triggered by G-sensor, saves evidence during an incident on the road, helps negate any false claims.


  • Easy to install and set-up. It connects to cigarette lighter and comes on automatically when the ignition starts, running the cable inside the windscreen plastic trim and eventually to 12V cigarette lighter socket.


  • 16 GB SD CARD included. Free of charge, our dash cams come equipped with the storage facility needed.



How do they work?

You will be given a miniature camera and a stand, click the camera onto the stand and use the suction cup to attach to the inside of your windscreen. Make sure it is the right way round and facing outwards, on the road ahead. There should be no obstructions to your vision so the ideal location is to the right of your wheel, in front of the window bar (see pictures below) or right at the bottom of the windscreen, with the wire hanging down toward the console.

interior dash

Once you’ve got it attached, plug in to the 12V cigarette lighter socket and press the top right ‘record’ button to start your journey. It comes equipped with a 16 GB SD card where the footage is stored. Once full, the camera will start overwriting the oldest clips. If you want to save a clip, you can ‘Lock‘ it so it cannot be overwritten.


How much will it cost me?

You can hire our NEW HD dashcams in-branch for £10 per day, as an extra. This is charged on top of your rental price, at the counter on the day of collection. This is non-refundable.

What happens if it records an incident?

Customers like to use dashcams for a number of reasons, liability being the main reason. If you are involved in an RTA or collision during your hire, the last thing you want is the other driver claiming it was solely your fault and making you pay for the damage. With real video evidence, a huge number of insurance claims are being scrapped as fraudulent now.

If someone crashes into your hire car, you can let our staff know at the branch and they will download the footage from your dash camera and send it on to our Claims department for insurance purposes. With this evidence, the insurance claim can move much quicker and fault can be determined without the need for witnesses or forensics.

Perfect for customers who have left the full standard excess deposit on their credit card. No more worrying in the event of third party damage to the vehicle.

Can I keep the footage?

Of course! Once the footage has been downloaded, our team will send it on to the email address we have on file for you. We retain a copy in the event of an RTA but otherwise, the footage is simply wiped after your hire – to comply with DPA (Data Protection) regulations.

How big are they?

Not big at all! Less than half the size of a standard mobile phone.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.2 x 3.4 cm


How much footage can they hold?

It depends on the size of the SD card installed. The 16gb card that comes with the camera is good for just over 90 minutes at 1080p. The camera loops the recording once the card is full, so you always have the last 90 mins divided into 3 or 5-minute chunks. You are welcome to slot your own larger SD card in to the camera provided you replace it with the original SD card when returning to the branch.

Please note, if the SD card is missing from the dashcam or damaged/faulty when returning, the branch will charge you the cost of a replacement SD card.


Example Footage of a real journey taken using the Toguard Mini Dash Cam.

**We are currently only trialling our dashcams at selected branches. E-mail if you are interested in hiring one with your upcoming booking.**

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