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Easyjet set to Drop Flights from Inverness to Gatwick Airport

Car Hire Gatwick Airport take another look at what is happening with the slots that Easyjet bought from Flybe involving the Inverness to London route.

There is going to be a reduction in flights heading to Gatwick Airport as Easyjet brings out their summer 2014 schedule. The morning and evening flight will remain for passenger from Inverness but the early afternoon slot has no plans to be kept.

Easyjet argue that the planes that go to Gatwick Airport and Luton’s once a day flight are all bigger in capacity overall.  The new routes from Gatwick will be twice daily.

Scottish Council for Development and Industry’s Highlands and Islands manager, Fraser Grieve said: “easyJet’s newly published timetable shows that they are putting in place a service which enables people to travel down to Gatwick first thing in the morning and return in the evening allowing a full day’s work to be conducted. This was seen as the top priority for the regions businesses in a recent survey conducted by SCDI and I am pleased that this is being put in place.”

Fraser Grieve added, “Whilst capacity will increase, there will however be a reduction in the number of air services between Inverness and Gatwick and morning northbound traffic will only be delivered through easyJet’s existing Luton service, so we do not know yet what effect that might have on traffic from London. SCDI will continue to make the case for action to be taken to ensure that access to London’s major airports is protected going forward and will work to make these new service’s a success.”

Back in April Easyjet confirmed it had signed a deal to purchase 25 additional slots at Gatwick Airport from Flybe. There were several meetings with various parties to understand their views on the future of services between Inverness and GatwickAirport.

Hugh Aitken, easyJet’s Head of Scotland, said: “easyJet has today put on sale thousands of additional seats between Inverness and London Gatwick as part of our commitment to supporting the Highlands economy. The new early flight will allow business travellers to reach London in time for meetings while the evening departure from London enables them to travel home on the same day. The new services start from £17.99 and we hope the introduction of additional affordable fares will encourage more people to enjoy trips to the Highlands. When considering the timetable we listened to all the points made by government and business leaders. Their enthusiasm to work with easyJet has been clear from the start and we hope this support will continue throughout the new five year partnership agreed with Inverness Airport.”