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Edinburgh Airport Communications Director Appointed to Top Role

The staff working at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport are hopeful the new appointment for marketing the city will prove to be a success.

The communications director at Edinburgh Airport Gordon Robertson has been appointed chairman of Marketing Edinburgh and has pledged to make sure the Capital’s marketing strategy is as cohesive, dynamic and efficient as possible.

Mr Robertson said “We need to be looking at ways of getting more private funding in, I think we need to get it up by a considerable amount. We should be benchmarking Edinburgh against cities across Europe, which have a lot more money to play with and use for marketing. We need to be having a conversation with businesses and the private sector in Edinburgh, and saying to them that we can deliver benefits for everyone if we pull together.”

He will juggle his responsibilities of the new post, with his work at Edinburgh Airport after the departure of senior people from the Marketing Edinburgh campaign was slaughtered by critics.