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Edinburgh Airport dropping-off charges increased

The planned changes to drop-off fees is something Tom at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport has had conversations with car hire passengers over recent days, with the feedback not very supportive.

The short-term drop-off charges at Edinburgh Airport are going to triple it has been revealed. The fees have been looked at and adjusted making it £1 for a five minute wait, £3 for motorists to deliver passengers within ten minutes and £5 after that.

The move has frustrated taxi drivers and prompted concerns that elderly and infirm travellers – who may be slower and less mobile – will be hardest hit by the fees that were branded ‘outrageous’ when first introduced four years ago.

Tony Kenmuir, director of Central Taxis, said “Very few vehicles are likely to make it through this process in less than five minutes in our opinion. We would strongly object on the grounds that it can take several minutes to drop off due to queues. Traffic has to wait at a pedestrian crossing after paying the entrance fee. That’s a recipe for the average drop-off fee increasing.”

Airport chiefs stressed that 87 per cent of passengers spent less than five minutes in the drop-off area, according to a study last month, with an average waiting time of just three-and-a-half minutes.

Richard Townsend, head of retail and property at the airport, said “These changes are necessary to make sure that, as our airport continues to grow, we offer our customers a convenient, efficient pick-up and drop-off experience. A free drop-off zone will still be available but the one million vehicles which use the drop-off area on a yearly basis show that people still want to use this facility.”

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