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Edinburgh Airport exceeds ten million passengers

Its just busy busy busy for the Car Hire Edinburgh Airport branch, as the airport reveals it has made a landmark figure for passenger numbers. 

There have been more than ten million passengers to go through Edinburgh Airport, making it the first Scottish terminal in history to do so in a single year. The airport enjoyed its busiest June, up 3.8% and hopes to expand its portfolio of destinations.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, said “Middle East operators are the crossroads of our aviations between Europe and Asia. They are all expanding vastly. With Qatar, Etihad and Turkish airlines, we are giving people more choice and making it easy to get to Australia, Phillipines, Thailand, India, with ‘one hop’ via the Middle East. They are big markets. We have got a long to-do list that we are constantly working on, making sure every year we are getting a good mix of new destinations and new operators.”

The airport hope the positive trend will continue throughout the holiday season and Mr Dewar is keen to secure more destinations to add to what they have got, with the aim of attracting Scottish travellers but also tourists.

Although the head of aviation strategy at consultancy firm Mott MacDonald Laurie Price thinks the figures should be celebrated with a hint of caution. He said, “Simplistic numbers are great – they are good to make statements to investors – but visitors to Scotland will be looking at the exchange rate and other factors. You’ve got to look at the economic factors, and the total market dynamic. Be really pleased about it, but don’t get carried away. What Edinburgh and everywhere else needs is long-term commitments, throughout the summer and the winter. You can have very different results in February and November but I’m sure the new tram link will help.”

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