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Edinburgh Airport gets new Scandinavian route

The news of more new routes is fantastic for the Car Hire Edinburgh Airport branch of Easirent, as it highlights more potential car rental customers.

Edinburgh Airport will be taking flights to and from Copenhagen in a bid to attract more long-haul passengers to and from Scotland from March 2015.

Two low-cost airlines already operate on the route, EasyJet and Norwegian which are likely to provide stiff competition for SAS for those just travelling between the Scottish and Danish capitals.

Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said “We’re committed to growing through choice and this is at the heart of everything we do. We want to make sure our passengers are able to choose from the very best range of flights and services. Scandinavia is an important destination for us to serve and is a popular choice for passengers travelling for both for leisure and business. We’re delighted SAS will be joining us again with these new services, which will link us into the impressive connectivity options available from the hub in Copenhagen.”

SAS’s new summer service will run five days a week from 29th March, then daily for six weeks between June and August before dropping back to six days a week until the end of October.

Denise Hill, head of international marketing at VisitScotland, said “As we work to extend Scotland’s international network, adding major international hubs and attracting airlines which are part of the world’s great airline alliances is key. SAS is a key partner of the important Star Alliance, the leading global airline network. Creating as many links as we can with Star Alliance partners increases Scotland’s connectivity with the world, enabling visitors to reach our stunning country from every single corner of the planet.”

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