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Edinburgh Airport installs new Body Scanners

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport are pleased with the news of improved technology during the security process.

New scanning technology has been installed at Edinburgh Airport as it enters the next chapter of aviation security. New state-of-the-art body scanners to improve the speed and efficiency of the airport security experience.

With the £150 million five-year investment programme, technology is at the nucleus of the security process, trying to reduce the time spent in the search area and improve the relations between staff and passengers. The scanners are the first new major pieces of equipment to be installed, ahead of the new airport extension.

Julie Matthews, Head of Security at Edinburgh Airport, said, “We’re committed to ensuring the safety of our passengers by continually reviewing and improving our security process. New technology is a key part of this and these new security scanners will be hugely beneficial in improving the passenger experience by reducing the number of body searches and speeding up the process. Having a security scanner in place since 2012 has allowed us to train our staff to a high standard and effectively communicate with passengers to prepare them for the security process.”

The scanners were created by L-3 Security & Detection Systems, with them resulting in less physical searches and speed up the whole security process. Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems, said: “We’re pleased to supply our advanced security scanners to EdinburghAirport. We have a long-term partnership with the airport and support their commitment to security and next-generation technology.”