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Edinburgh Airport promise No More Queues through Security

What a statement Car Hire Edinburgh Airport thinks the airport has put out about its future security process.

As Edinburgh Airport goes through a £25 million transformation, with a new security hall being introduced allowing more than double the amount of people through the security process in one hour, they promise it will put an end to the queues.

It may be hard to imagine for some people, but the airport are keen to point out that this is not just some building put up with out any care. Real thought has gone into the expansion, with new modern security equipment introduced and staff being asked on how the new building would look outside.

Every part of the security process has been pulled apart in great detail to maximise the amount of all parts needed in the process. The new building is set to be wind and weather tight by 16th May and the security up and running by October 2014. The current security area will be turned into a retail area to help towards keeping the charges for their airline customers down.