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Edinburgh Airport sees Least Delays for spring

Edinburgh is the airport to fly from if you want the best chance of not being delayed on a flight from their airport. This is what Iain from Car Hire Edinburgh Airport thinks. 

Figures released by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) showed that passengers at Edinburgh Airport enjoyed the least delays. Average delay time was reduced by one minute to eight minutes in April to June compared to last year.

The industry’s punctuality measure of up to 15 minutes late, for Edinburgh Airport a total of 86% of flights fell within this time frame, up two percentage points.

An airport spokesman said: “The team at Edinburgh airport is committed to giving our passengers the best service possible, and punctuality is an important component in this. It takes a lot of collaboration, co-ordination and dedication to get it right and we’re pleased to see we’re getting it right most of the time. We’ll continue to work hard to make sure that this trend continues.”

The figure is important as even though it equals January to March last year, this one involves more passengers. It is also believed to be the highest since CAA records began 15 years ago.