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Edinburgh Airport will Soon Offer Anytime check in

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport staff are pleased with the new initiative that is in place for some of the airlines at the airport.

In Scotland Edinburgh Airport will be the first to offer its passengers the opportunity to check in their luggage at any time before the flight, in a bid to reduce waiting times. New counters have been installed that allow Flybe and EasyJet customers to check in without help. The system has been created by Phase5 technology, with the expectation of it making a big difference in cutting queue times.

This move is a short time after body scanners were installed at the airport, meaning passengers can load luggage any time ahead of their flight, instead of the limited two hours before take off that is currently in place.

Michael Crosby, change leader at Edinburgh Airport, said “The strategic objective from the bag-drop strategy is to offer choice and speed. It’s something the airport will drive for and there will be a small element of it this summer but long term this will be an exercise to show that it works and next summer we will do that with all airlines so Edinburgh Airport will become an on-arrival check-in airport.”