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Edinburgh city centre traffic could well be rerouted

It must be pleasing for the area of Edinburgh getting traffic again and Car Hire Edinburgh Airport hope it works out and brings more business. 

The traffic on the city centre streets of Edinburgh is to be rerouted to offer a lifeline to West End businesses which have been isolated by years of tram works nightmares.

It will allow drivers to turn left into Hope Street from Charlotte Square under the plan, providing much needed direct access to businesses that have been starved of car traffic. The proposed changes are a remedy to the bizarre situation that sees drivers approaching from Lothian Road directed further and further away from the West End.

Transport leader Councillor Lesley Hinds said “Now that trams have been running for a couple of months or so, it’s a good time to make appropriate alterations to traffic management so that we can make it as straightforward as possible to get from A to B in the city centre. West End traders have had concerns about access to their businesses so the proposal to open up Hope Street for all westbound traffic should make things much better.”

Since the launch of the tram service on May 31, drivers have been unable to turn left at Shandwick Place, Charlotte Square or Queen Street. Motorists hoping to visit businesses in the West End are forced to loop through the New Town and Stockbridge – prolonging journeys and directing traffic down residential streets.

Michael Apter, director of West End boutiques Paper Tiger and Studio One, said “We’ve been cut off, and things have been exacerbated by the fact that the trams have been given priority over every other form of transport in the city. As a result, people haven’t been able to make their way into the West End by car in any kind of number.”

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