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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 tickets go on sale early

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport think the Festival next summer will be fine, even with the Commonwealth Games taking place at the same time on a portion of the days. 

Tickets for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have gone on sale earlier than ever before as it plans to go head-to-head with the Commonwealth Games next summer. Thousands of tickets have been put on sale early by promoters at one of the biggest venues and are even offering an ‘early bird’ discount to help increase sales.

There will be direct competition from the Games for at least five days, with officials insisting there is growing demand for early ticket releases. The Fringe broke with tradition 18-months ago and starting selling tickets on its website before its programme launch at the end of May.

Marlene Zwickler, promoter of the shows by Jimeoin and Daniel Sloss, said “The old days of everyone waiting until the Fringe programme came out to put their shows on sale have gone for ever. The dam burst when some people starting putting tickets on sale in March. A lot of people make their decisions on what tickets to buy for events well in advance these days, their habits have changed. You only have to look at the touring schedules of some comedians – many of them have tickets on sale for shows in 2015. With a venue like the EICC that is open all year round and is set up to sell tickets, I don’t see how it could do any harm. It’s a bit of an experiment putting them on sale before Christmas, but there’s an early bird discount so people can get a good deal by booking now.”

Professor Joe Goldblatt, an international events expert at QueenMargaretUniversity, said: “There’s been a growing trend across the whole entertainment industry to put tickets on sale earlier and earlier. It’s about generating cash flow, raising awareness of shows, persuading people to buy early and it also allows you to add extra shows based on early demand. A show like War Horse, which is coming to Edinburgh in January, has already been selling tickets for more than a year.”