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Edinburgh has twenty percent pedal bikes entering the city

It is good to find out that there are a number of cyclists on the roads, meaning it is going some way to reducing the traffic issue, but as Car Hire Edinburgh Airport point out there is then the safety for them.

During morning rush hour in Edinburgh on the busy main roads, one in five is a pedal bike, new data counts have revealed. The count was undertaken by cycling campaign group Spokes on Lothian Road on Tuesday, as a record number of bikes were counted travelling northbound.

The count was 192 bikes between 8am and 9am which equated to almost 21% of the traffic heading into the city centre.

A statement from Spokes said, “Perhaps this reflects the Haymarket road re-opening, enabling some drivers to avoid diversions, whilst a few cyclists might be seeking an alternative to the Haymarket tramline crossing. Whatever the reasons, it is astonishing that over 20 per cent of city bound rush-hour vehicles on Lothian Road are now bikes.”

The ratio was even greater on Forrest Road where cyclists made up 22% of the traffic heading in to the middle of Edinburgh over the same episode. For southbound routes the number of cyclists was more than half the number of the northbound counts.