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Edinburgh residents to get discount on Christmas events

The offer of discount for local people wanting to go to the Christmas events in the city is a good idea according to staff at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport.

Residents living in the Edinburgh area will be given a 20% discount on the Christmas events in the city, to avoid a repeat of last year when there were complaints over the price of attractions.

Everyone with an EH postcode will qualify for the reduction on almost all shows, rides and events. Plus there will be special cut-price family tickets being offered, meaning the total savings could be as high as 33%.

But Underbelly, in charge of the Capital’s festive fun for the second year, insisted the price cuts did not mean any reduction in the quality of the entertainment. It promised an exciting range of new attractions, including a series of affordable children’s rides priced between £1 and £4, and a second ice rink in St Andrew Square in addition to the one in PrincesStreetGardens.

Food prices were also criticised, with a burger and a pint of beer each costing £6. But organisers say they have learned lessons and are setting this year’s prices with local families particularly in mind.

Charlie Wood and Ed Bartlam of Underbelly said “We’re very excited about this year’s innovations, including the new ice rink in St Andrew Square around the Melville Monument, the expanded Santa Land in Princes Street Gardens with affordable attractions, and the new family prices and the 20 per cent EH residents’ discount across the board. We want this to be a Christmas for all of Edinburgh and we think there’s something for everyone. Our ambition is to make Edinburgh the best place to spend Christmas, whether you’re a resident or a visitor.”

Last year’s Edinburgh’s Christmas was the first run by Underbelly and it saw record numbers drawn to the city centre to enjoy what was recognised as better quality entertainment than in previous years.

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