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Edinburgh Schools plan long summer holidays

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport would like to make any parents in the area aware of the school holidays proposal for the next few academic school years.

Schools in Edinburgh could be handing their pupils extra summer holiday time, as parents are currently being consulted on the proposal. State schools in the city are considering having an extra week in the summer but cutting the Christmas break by 12 days for the school years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.

There have been around 400 responses so far according to Edinburgh City Council as parents are split in their views of the proposal.

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman said, “As part of the council’s consultation on school term dates, we have been speaking with head teachers and parent councils for their feedback on dates for the three years from 2015/16. We have also received on-line feedback from other school staff and parents and we have considered over 400 responses. We have adjusted our proposal based on the information we have received, and we are now planning to put forward a set of term time dates for discussion at the next education, children and families committee.”