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Edinburgh to house Monty Python star for stage tour

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport is looking forward to the exciting show that is taking place in September and would consider it to be an interesting event.

One of the stars of Monty Python Michael Palin is set to bring his first ever one-man stage tour to Edinburgh later in the year. The actor, writer and comedian will look back at 25 years of exploring the world and almost 50 years in radio, television, books and films at the King’s Theatre on September 16th.

The visit will take place 41 years after his last appearance at the Leven Street venue, when in mid May in 1973; Monty Python’s First Farewell tour played the theatre.

Palin says “The Travelling to Work Diaries cover an extraordinarily busy time of my life. I was trying things I’d never done before, pushing myself beyond the predictable to novels and plays and a whole new career as a television traveller. I like to think that the Travelling to Work tour is in the same spirit of adventure and experiment. It will be my first solo tour and I see it as a chance to meet audiences all over the country and talk about the only consistent thread in my working life – the irresistible urge to do something completely different.”

The show will take audiences on a shortened journey of his highlights and low lights, his adventures and cock-ups, wonders and wash-outs, all illustrated with a selection of photos and footage shot during his eight travel series for BBC TV.