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Edinburgh Tram Staff looking forward to the start of the service

The Car Hire Edinburgh Airport team just hope the tram network will be a success, for the staff more than anything, who seem excited for its launch date.

The staff of the new Edinburgh tram line are looking forward to the day the service is under way, according to the new boss in charge. General manager Tom Norris also suggested that the launch will be striking the right balance between making the occasion and not appearing triumphant. Tom Norris was previously in charge of the services through the station, which were built to serve the London 2012 Olympic Park.

In a recent interview Mr Norris said, “I have been pleased by the reaction to the daytime test runs in the city centre. People seem genuinely interested. We’ve been surprised at the level of attention we’ve been getting. It’s exciting for the staff, they’re champing at the bit to get going.”

On March 17th the depot control room will switch on to a 24 hour, seven days a week procedure. The number of trams will also increase leading up to the launch day.