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Edinburgh University makes the top twenty

Tom working at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport is pleased at the news of his university being recognised as one of the top places to study.

A list of the top Universities in the world has been revealed with Edinburgh University making it into the top twenty. The latest QS World University Rankings include eight UK universities in the top 50, and 19 in the top 100, up one on last year.

And a record six British institutions made the top 20. Besides the four in the top 10, King’s College London (KCL) was 16th and EdinburghUniversity came 17th.

The rankings reveal that Oxbridge and London continue to dominate, with Imperial College London leaping into joint second place with Cambridge, and Oxford tying with University College London (UCL) in fifth.

Ben Sowter, QS head of research, said “In the wake of the recession, both governments and private sector funding sources are placing greater emphasis on high-impact Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) research, much of which takes place in specialist institutions. Tech-focused institutions are increasingly the focal point of a global race for innovation. With budgets from public sources increasingly coming under strain, institutions seem more focused than ever on potentially lucrative research in science, technology and medicine.”

Institutions that focus on science and maths-based subjects and research, such as Imperial, are increasingly well-respected as governments see these areas as vital for their nations’ future success, it is suggested.

The UK universities in the top 100 are, Cambridge (2), Imperial (2), Oxford (5), UCL (5), KCL (16), Edinburgh (17), Bristol (29), Manchester (30), Glasgow (55), Warwick (61), Birmingham (64), Sheffield (69), LSE (71), Nottingham (77), St Andrews (88), Durham (92), Southampton (94), Leeds (97) and Queen Mary, University of London (98).

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