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Edinburgh University reveals Milky Way is lighter than previously thought

The fascinating news of the discovery by the University in Edinburgh must please those involved so much, in the view of the Car Hire Edinburgh Airport branch. 

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have found that The Milky Way is lighter than astronomers previously thought. A team of scientists have found it is about half the mass of a neighbouring galaxy, known as Andromeda.

The estimates come from working out the mass of invisible matter found in the outer regions of both galaxies. The conclusion is that dark matter accounted for Andromeda’s extra weight. Dark matter is a little-understood invisible substance which makes up most of the outer regions of galaxies.

Dr Jorge Penarrubia, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy, who led the study, said “We always suspected that Andromeda is more massive than the Milky Way, but weighting both galaxies simultaneously proved to be extremely challenging. Our study combined recent measurements of the relative motion between our galaxy and Andromeda with the largest catalogue of nearby galaxies ever compiled to make this possible.”

The researchers concluded that Andromeda contains twice as much dark matter as the Milky Way. According to the research group, previous studies were only able to measure the mass enclosed within both galaxies’ inner regions.

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