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Edinburgh voted one of the most Congested Cities in the UK

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport think it is crazy that their city has more congestion than London.

The city of Edinburgh has been voted Scotland’s most gridlocked city and is the fourth worst for congestion in the UK according to a recent survey. The TomTom Traffic Index has said drivers with a 30 minute daily commute in the city can expect to spend 86 hours in traffic a year.

The survey suggests Edinburgh is even more congested than London, but the situation is actually improving over the last twelve months. Traffic Expert Nick Cohn was quoted, “Drivers can spend several days a year just sitting in congestion. It is certainly a waste of time and money, especially for businesses which rely on deliveries and logistics. Edinburgh has a very dense centre, so the reason it is worse than London could be the lack of alternative routes and more limited public transport options.”

The top ten cities in order from 1-10 were Belfast, Bristol, Brighton & Hove, Edinburgh, London, Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield and Liverpool.